Planning a switch to a more sustainable source of energy? Are high electricity bills wiping out big chunks of your hard-earned savings?
Well, Oriana India Group has just the solution you need to help.

As the prime best LONGi Solar Panel Distributor in Pune, we at Oriana pride ourselves in supplying state-of-the-art solar panels that competently harness the power of natural Sunlight to produce substantial amounts of renewable energy for your residential or commercial premises.

Leveraging advanced technology and backed by thorough R&D, we offer a wide range of solar panels that serve a diverse range of needs and requirements. Our range of solar panel products includes PV panels, solar power systems, and monocrystalline solar panels.

There has never been a better time to adopt solar technology as your primary source of energy. So let us at Oriana help you with our robust variants of cost-optimized and innovative solar panels.


Oriana, the best solar panel dealer in Pune, supplies more than 30GW of high-efficiency solar wafers and modules clubbed with years of experience and excellence as a renowned solar panel distributor in Pune.

Features of Solar Panel
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Technical Specification

Oriana India provides products with highly advanced technology that makes it, even more, better comparatively. The modern products support the best potential out of it making the brand magnificent.

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Why is Oriana India Known as the Best LONGi Solar Panel Distributor In Pune?

Oriana India is known as the best solar panel distributor in Pune due to its availability of several features, facilities, and amazing technology. They make sure they serve the best of all.

We put immense emphasis on advanced technology to only provide our clients with Solar Panels that exude quality. No other provider in the country even comes close to the experience and resources that fuel the supply and manufacturing process of our solar panels. Our services aren’t limited to design and procurement alone as we also help you with installation as well.

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Reviews of Solar Panel Dealers In Pune

Mr. Harshad Joshi.Mr. Sanjeev MohiteMr. Mamta Kulkarni
Oriana is known as the best solar panel dealer in Pune due to the quality they bring to the table. I highly recommend them
Mr. Harshad Joshi.
My experience with Oriana has exceeded expectations. We had approached many solar panel dealers in Pune, but we chose Oriana and delivered a top-notch service without any hassle.
Mr. Sanjeev Mohite
I have been their customer for a long time. They are the best solar panel distributors in Pune, and their services are perfect and hassle-free. Cheers!
Mr. Mamta Kulkarni

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Oriana is one of the solar panel dealers in Pune who offers a wide range of services ranging from designing, procuring to installing.

As a solar panel distributor in Pune, we offer various solar panel products like monocrystalline solar panels, solar power systems, PV panels. Not only this, we, as the leading solar panel dealer in Pune, also lead the solar PV industry with product innovations and an optimized power-cost ratio with monocrystalline technologies.

Yes, as per the solar panel distributors in Pune, it is advisable to clean the solar panels once or twice every month to be more beneficial than usual. It makes sure the panels get used to their fullest potential.